Empowering the IP practice of tomorrow


Lead by lowering the entry barrier to IP protection by offering a flexible and agile portfolio of solutions to established and new innovators.

Designed for law firms and IP boutiques, Bernstein is a gateway to the ultimate public registry - the Bitcoin blockchain - and allows for the creation of a digital and indisputable trail of records of the entire innovation process and IP matters.

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Benefits at a glance

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Expand your portfolio

Going beyond registered IP rights management, from trade secrets to defensive publishing.

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Grow your business

Interacting more often with current clients, and attracting new clients from additional industries and sectors.


Increase success rate

Winning more cases with stronger evidence of control, ownership and existence.

Using Bernstein


A self-service app to cover basic needs

Empower your clients with a practical tool for the ongoing documentation of their entire R&D process in a central location, allowing for continuous interaction and relevance between the more discreet, formal steps of registration at specific milestones or events.



Building value around blockchain certificates

Offer and apply your expertise at every step of the process.

  • Help identify and classify critical knowledge to be secured with Bernstein.

  • Set up knowledge management policies leveraging Bernstein access-rights features.

  • Define the perimeter of knowledge with blockchain certificates for more effective NDAs, license agreements and confidentiality clauses in employment contracts.



Strengthening the legal position of clients

Use the Bernstein certificates as evidence in court, both for abatement enforcement and infringement defense, e.g. by proving the control of trade secrets, claiming authorship of copyrighted material and securing proofs of IP infringements.


Features Overview


Smooth Onboarding

Every partnership begins with the goal of making every member of your team familiar with the app, the technology and the use cases.


Competitively priced

To allow you to grow revenues while offering more affordable services to your clients.


Co-branded with your colors

To keep your clients in a familiar context and capitalize on your brand.

Thanks to James Daly for the illustrations. Partly inspired by LegalUp's great work.