Claiming strong copyrights in the digital age


Copyrights in 2019: an overview


Blockchain: a revolutionary DRM?

To make it short and unambiguous: no.

How does Bernstein fit in?

Bernstein is a simple web app that conveniently registers IP assets on the Bitcoin blockchain. Bernstein certificates are legally recognised worldwide and independently verifiable by any third party.

By using Bernstein, innovative companies can quickly establish a private trade secret inventory, a measure that is considered a “reasonable step” to maintain confidentiality and will therefore fulfil this requirement under the EU Trade Secrets Directive and equivalent laws.

Thanks to its unique zero-knowledge architecture, trade secrets will be notarized on the blockchain while keeping them completely private. Even to Bernstein itself.

Bernstein complements blockchain certificates with digital timestamps issued by several government authorities (EU, China, …).

Benefits of Bernstein for TRADE SECRETS

  • a “reasonable measure” for secrecy

  • a deterrent for unloyal employees and partners

  • a strong defense against patent trolls

  • a convenient and effective tool to enforce rights


The new regulations


Trade secrets and blockchain

Blockchain-based solutions like Bernstein are a convenient and secure way for securing and managing trade secrets

Online resources

Notable experts

  • Birgit Clark TW LI

  • Christophe Saam TW LI

  • Toni Nijm TW LI

  • Christoph von Praun LI

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