Blockchain solutions for securing
intellectual property assets and innovation processes

Bernstein allows companies to create a digital trail of records of their innovation processes using blockchain technology.
Inventions, designs, and proofs of use can be quickly registered to obtain blockchain certificates that prove ownership, existence and integrity of any IP asset. 
Most importantly, all notarized information will remain perfectly private, thanks to a unique cryptographic layer.

secure trade secrets

Be ready to fight patent trolls and prepare a strong prior use defense.

Enhance contracts

Blockchain certificates for enforceable NDAs and strong licensing contracts.


Establish prior art

 Enjoy indisputable timestamping and provable public availability.


Make copyright claims

Easy and convenient copyright claims for software, 3D models, manuals, ..

The blockchain is the perfect registry for both public and private records. 
A unique notarization platform: decentralized, uncensorable, permissionless, resilient.

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