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It becomes more and more difficult for independent inventors and freelancers to assert their rights to their inventions - we get it! That is why we’ve worked with independent inventors and freelancers to help protect and secure their ideas through our platform.

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Bernstein is a simple web-app that gives everyone simple and affordable access to the most powerful public registry: the Bitcoin blockchain. In only a few minutes, upload and certify any idea or knowledge to secure your rights as the original owner, without ever disclosing them to anyone.
Blockchain certificates are valid worldwide, are increasingly recognized by courts and can be combined with official national timestamps in a single additional click.


Create an account in minutes and get a first certification for free.


Bernstein at a glance

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No legal knowledge required
All you need is a browser
Drag & drop interface



No lawyer required
Start for free
Valid forever



Unlimited storage
Globally valid
Protect any digital file