Senior Web Developer

Main task is to prominently contribute to the design and development of Bernstein web app. Besides the actual coding, s/he will be responsible for ensuring that the overall application architecture suitably fits the business problem, for now and for the foreseeable future. 
The position is also a great opportunity to improve skills and knowledge in fields like web cryptography, bitcoin, blockchain, sidechains, IPFS, ...


  • Strong and varied web development skills (full-stack)

  • Security mindset

  • Not scared of starting small and take care of everything, sys admin tasks included

Desired Skills

  • Ruby & Ruby On Rails (5.x)

  • Modern Javascript Stack: React.js, Redux, npm.js, Babel & ES6 ...

  • Service Oriented Architecture, API-driven architecture, ...

  • Cryptography know-how: WebCrypto API, ...

  • Blockchain and/or IPFS knowledge is a plus !


This is a full-time on-site role at our side in our brand new office in Munich, at the Bonner Platz. As this is a key team role, remote work is not possible.

What we’re building

In our globalized, digitalized knowledge economy, know-how and innovation are the currency to achieve long-standing success and growth. The current IP rights system, however, is failing to pick up the pace - it's too slow, expensive, fragmented and is leaving many innovators at risk and looking for alternatives to secure their ideas.

In this context, public blockchains are the perfect, universal public registry humanity needs and deserves. Bernstein aims to become the gateway to conveniently, privately and globally secure pioneers' rights over their creations.


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