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Get stuff done.
Secure it in minutes.

Get 5 certificates with every monthly TwoStay pass to protect your intellectual property.


Two companies, one vision


TwoStay is bringing co-working spaces back in the reach of innovators by making it affordable & personal. Instead of fancy designer chairs and fully automated coffee machines, it aims at creating a community of doers with heart.

Bernstein's vision is to make the intellectual property system what it was meant to be: a way to promote the progress of science and arts - accessible to anyone. Forget patents and lawyers: Bernstein lets creators protect ideas online in clicks.

Together, we’re challenging what it means to be a serious entrepreneur and show that all you need is a laptop, an internet connection and the right peers to change the world.

Bernstein & TwoStay are teaming up to support entrepreneurs along their entire journey.

How it works


BOOk a twostay month

For a limited time, with every monthly TwoStay pass, you get a month of Gutenberg plan (5 certificates) worth 99 Euros, for free.


REgister on Bernstein

Registering takes only a few minutes. We'll double-check whether you qualify and unlock your account & plan within 24 hours.


Upload & Secure

Once unlocked, you'll be notified and you'll be able to start using Bernstein to register the progress of your work done at TwoStay.


Bernstein at a glance

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No legal knowledge required
All you need is a browser
Drag & drop interface



No lawyer required
Start for free
Valid forever



Unlimited storage
Globally valid
Protect any digital file

Benefits for startups & entrepreneurs


Don’t let anyone prevent you from using your ideas

Big firms and patent trolls might have more financial resources and more lawyers than you, but if you can prove your rights over your ideas, the millions they spent in filing and legal fees will be worthless against you.


Peace of mind for those challenging the status-quo

Move forward knowing we've got your back: your business ideas are secured. One less concern means more focus on what really matters: creating value and growing your business.


Share and exchange ideas without worries

Ideas want to be shared. Get out there and spread the word, find collaborators & synergies, gather feedback and criticism. But always make it clear that this is your idea and deter unfair behavior by marking it as registered.


Innovators empowered to self-reliance
but not left alone

Benefit from direct access to the expertise of our partners across the globe for additional services: from contract templates to legal kits, guidance and advisory - as well as IP insurance packages - at affordable and predictable rates.

Thanks to James Daly for the illustrations, and to icons8 for the icons.