Bernstein’s White-Label Edition

Bernstein white-label edition enables law firms, IP service providers, accelerators, and open innovation platforms to better serve high-tech companies and profit from the exponential creation and exchange of intellectual property.


Branded Certs

Custom color scheme. Integrated company logo and payoff. Ad-hoc templates for innovation projects. PDF certificates with your company logo.


Custom url
SSO integration

Host the white-label edition of Bernstein in your domain. Smooth users sign-up by connecting Bernstein to your authentication system.


Unlimited accounts

Bring Bernstein to all your clients, serve unlimited users, enjoy an unlimited and encrypted data repository.



Monitor your clients’ usage patterns, proactively offer your advisory and expert guidance to grow your revenues and strengthen your relationship.


Launch today your own IP certification platform!
Powered by the blockchain and by global timestamping authorities!

Our team will provide technical and strategic support to successfully integrate Bernstein certifications into your current portfolio of services.


Offer your clients a new approch to securing and managing IP assets

  • Digital certificates based on the Bitcoin blockchain
  • Digital timestamps from multiple government authorities[1]
  • Unlimited encrypted storage[2]
  • Perfect confidentiality and full encryption
  • Technical support for your clients provided by the Bernstein

Benefits for your firm

  • A larger portfolio of services for your clients
  • Grow your revenues (advisory, new contracts templates, ...)
  • Engage clients earlier and more frequently
  • Attract "digital natives" (startups, software companies, ...)


Fair activation costs - No maintenance fees

The Bernstein team will take care of setting up the white-label edition for your firm. The one-time activation cost is linked to the size of your company (e.g.: the number of professionals in the IP practice) and eventual technical integration such local storage or single sign-on. You won’t incur in any additional cost for maintenance or support. Contact us for a quote.

The cost of running your own white-label version of Bernstein only depends on the volume of registrations collectively consumed by your team and by your “galaxy” of clients. Just pick the subscription plan or the prepaid bundle that is right for your needs.

Subscription plans

Milky Way


5 credits
5 point-in-time registrations per month



25 credits
25 point-in-time registrations per month



50 credits
50 point-in-time registrations per month


€ _ _ _

Custom credit volume
Also includes: local/IPFS storage + SSO


Prepaid bundles

5 credits


5 credits
5 point-in-time registrations

1 year validity

25 credits


25 credits
25 point-in-time registrations

1 year validity

50 credits


50 credits
50 point-in-time registrations

1 year validity

need more?

€ _ _ _

Custom credit volume

Get Bernstein white-label edition for your company today! 

[1]: Currently available TSA: European Union, China. Coming soon: Switzerland, Japan and South Korea.
[2]: Unlimited storage for certified data. Data included in uncertified projects are limited to 1GB per account.