Web Developer Intern

Are you experienced in at least one of the following? 

  • Javascript Single-page application

  • API-driven development with Ruby on Rails

If the answer is "yes", here is the deal: join the Bernstein team and you will learn a lot about blockchain, Bitcoin and cryptography. It's a unique opportunity for getting a significant hands-on experience of decentralized technologies and security architectures.

Candidates should be able to perform well-defined programming tasks under the direct supervision of the CTO.


  • Proven knowledge of Javascript and related frameworks

  • Agile development


  • React.js, Redux

  • Ruby & Ruby On Rails


Central Munich

Senior Web Developer

Main task is to prominently contribute to the design and development of Bernstein web app. Besides the actual coding, s/he will be responsible for ensuring that the overall application architecture suitably fits the business problem, for now and for the foreseeable future. 
The position is also a great opportunity to improve skills and knowledge in fields like web cryptography, bitcoin, blockchain, sidechains, IPFS, ...


  • Strong and varied web development skills (full-stack)

  • Security mindset

  • Not scared of starting small and take care of everything, sys admin tasks included

Desired Skills

  • Ruby & Ruby On Rails (5.x)

  • Modern Javascript Stack: React.js, Redux, npm.js, Babel & ES6 ...

  • Service Oriented Architecture, API-driven architecture, ...

  • Cryptography know-how: WebCrypto API, ...

  • Blockchain and/or IPFS knowledge is a plus !


Central Munich

Content Marketing Intern

The main goal of the internship is to experiment with content marketing and growth hacking techniques finalized to increase the company's reputation, engage target audiences in the market, and ultimately bring more visitors and sales leads.
The candidate will work closely with the co-founders to identify and pursue content opportunities through market research and collaboration with the sales, and product teams. 


  • English & German proficiency.

  • Superb written/verbal communications skills.

  • The aptitude and strong desire to understand complex technologies and processes.

  • Strong ability to prioritize and get projects done with speed and efficiency.

Desired skills

  • Legal background

  • Some SEO expertise

  • Working knowledge of graphic design tools.

  • Advanced knowledge of social media platforms.

  • Passion for metrics.


Central Munich


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