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Free plan

The easiest way to start

Just register and get 1 free credit to start securing your IP assets (worth 40 EUR). Also included 1GB of free encrypted storage for your projects! No credit card required. No strings attached!



Save money and relax!

Ideal for innovators that regularly produce new ideas and new data.
Every month new credits are added to your account. Just pick the right size for your certification needs and keep your IP assets safe.


Pay as you go

Convenient and easy

Not yet ready to jump on a subscription plan? Buy additional credits when you need them and keep securing your IP assets. Prepaid bundles from 1 to 50 credits valid for 1 year.


Are you a startup, a small high-tech company, a designer, an architect, a musician

, …?

Bernstein’s mission is to level the playfield of IP rights. This is why we offer a 50% discount to all small and independent innovators.

Start securing your IP from just €19!
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Subscription plans



5 credits
5 point-in-time registrations per month

Benjamin Franklin


25 credits
25 point-in-time registrations per month



50 credits
50 point-in-time registrations per month

Da Vinci

€ _ _ _

Custom credit volume


Pay as you go

1 credit


1 point-in-time

5 credits


5 point-in-time

25 credits


25 point-in-time registrations

50 credits


50 point-in-time registrations

Please note: credits in the “pay as you go” bundles are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Included in all plans and bundles

  • Digital certificates based on the Bitcoin blockchain
  • Digital timestamps from multiple government authorities[1]
  • Unlimited encrypted storage[2] and unlimited users[3]
  • Perfect confidentiality and full encryption

Please note:
1 credit buys you 1 point-in-time registration, that is the ability of certifying the content of a project with all available platforms (currently: bitcoin, EU TSA and China TSA).

For any further information please contact us

[1]: Currently available TSA: European Union, China. Coming soon: Switzerland, Japan and South Korea.
[2]: Unlimited storage for certified data. Data included in uncertified projects are limited to 1GB per account.
[3]: support for multiple users will be added soon!