SIPRC is Bernstein exclusive partner for the GCC

Today Bernstein and SIPRC jointly announce an exclusive partnership to bring Bernstein blockchain-based solutions for securing intellectual property to companies and innovators based in the six member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).


SIPRC is a leading Saudi Arabia law firm providing comprehensive services for Intellectual Property and Innovation Management. Based in Riyadh, SIPRC serves clients both in the private and public sector.

Jean-Maxime Riviere, Head of Business Development at Bernstein, commented: “We look forward to working with high-tech companies, scientists, designers, architects and research institutions from the Gulf area. The blockchain represents a new way of creating digital trust in the digital age. We believe legal experts like the SIPRC team are in the best position to recognize the potential of blockchain-based certifications for intellectual property assets and leverage this technology to empower the innovators.”

Mohammed Al Omair, General Manager at SIPRC, added: “Today the confluence of blockchain and zero-knowledge web applications facilitates new business processes, removes the need for intermediaries, reduces transaction costs and is making legal services more accessible, with global reach and validity.”

The legal team at SIPRC will soon start engaging its clients to present Bernstein blockchain certificates as an opportunity to improve operations of IP management processes, from securing trade secrets, to defensive publishing, from generating proof of use for trademarks, to strong copyright claims.

Bernstein joins the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium

Bernstein has joined the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium (GLBC), an international group of major law firms, software companies, universities and startups interested in nurturing blockchain applications for the law sector.


The GLBC comprised of approximately 160 industry stakeholders and it focuses on a range of issues, including data integrity, authenticity, security, and privacy for contracts and documents, and productivity improvements in the operation of legal departments and law firms.

Bernstein is looking forward to bring its expertise in the field of blockchain notarization of intellectual property assets and processes. Bernstein certificates may represent the foundational layer for many legal tech solutions in the IP management sector, from securing trade secrets to defensive publishing, from copyright claims to evidence of use for trademarks.

Marco Barulli, Managing Director of Bernstein, commented: “The practice of law is morphing into the delivery of legal services. Technology will not replace legal experts but it will change how, when, and at what price they are involved. In particular, we expect IP practice and IP management services to undergo a radical change. On the other hand, innovative companies are facing new legal challenges and need legal experts as technologically advanced as they are - they expect solutions over advice and time predictability. Initiatives like GLBC may help indeed the evolution of this industry.“

Bernstein wins special prize at the Handelsblatt innovation award

The University Innovation Challenge is an initiative of Handelsblatt and Goethe University where startups from Germany, Austria and Switzerland compete in 5 different categories: engineering, living, life science, finances and commerce, materials.

Samsung sponsored the event and in particular the special prize for the “future of data intelligence” that was awarded to Bernstein for its blockchain-based solutions for securing and managing intellectual property assets.

Steffen Ganders, Director Corporate Affairs at Samsung, (right) with Jean-Maxime Riviere, founder of Bernstein (left).

Steffen Ganders, Director Corporate Affairs at Samsung, (right) with Jean-Maxime Riviere, founder of Bernstein (left).

P&TS, our exclusive partner for Switzerland

P&TS Ltd is one of the leading companies in the fields of Intellectual Property and Innovation Management in Switzerland. Christophe Saam, managing director, has been following closely the developments of Bernstein since 2016.


At the recent AIPPI SwissDay (Zurich, June 14th 2018), Bernstein and P&TS jointly announced an exclusive partnership to bring Bernstein blockchain-based solutions to Swiss innovators.

The legal team at P&TS will actively engage with its clients to present blockchain certificates as an opportunity to improve several IP management processes, such as NDAs, trade secrets protection, IP litigation, etc.

We look forward to work with high-tech companies, scientists, designers, architects and innovators in general from Switzerland.

Bernstein partners with the Mindfire Foundation to help decode the human mind

The Mindfire Foundation, a Swiss non-profit which is focused on creating human-like artificial intelligence, and Bernstein today announced a strategic partnership to enable a smarter, more collaborative approach to secure newly generated intellectual property during Mindfire Missions

As part of the agreement, the Mindfire Foundation has named Bernstein as a preferred provider to create a digital trail of records of Mindfire’s innovation processes using blockchain technology. The Mindfire Foundation will host a series of Missions aimed at uniting talents and experts across the sciences to collaborate on the solving of various challenges facing the development of human-like artificial intelligence. The cryptographic fingerprint of each participant's contributions and discoveries will be stored on a blockchain allowing everyone to be fairly and directly recognized for new ideas and concepts developed in the Mindfire framework. 

Bernstein is a forerunner in the application of blockchain technology for  intellectual property management and makes it convenient to create blockchain certificates that prove ownership, existence, and integrity of any IP asset in a decentralized way - a central element of the Mindfire Foundation.
— Lukas Sieber, Co-Founder, and Member of the board of the Mindfire Foundation. 

Marco Barulli, Co-founder and Managing Director at Bernstein commented: “We are excited to partner with the Mindfire Foundation to contribute our state of the art solution for securing intellectual property assets and innovation processes, allowing the greatest minds on earth to work cooperatively on one of the greatest challenges of our time.”

About the Mindfire Foundation
The Mindfire Foundation is a Swiss non-profit which is focused on unlocking the foundational principles which make up human intelligence, and applying those principles to the development of artificially intelligent organisms. 
Mindfire aims to achieve this through the implementation of a series of Missions. Each mission will gather the top minds across various fields of science, to collaborate and brainstorm solutions to a structured series of challenges. The first of which will be the creation of an artificial organism.
The overall discoveries which take place during Mindfire Missions, will remain independent of any corporate ownership and serve for the betterment of all of society. 

About Bernstein
Bernstein provides blockchain-based solutions for protecting and managing intellectual property assets. Bernstein allows companies to manage the whole innovation lifecycle by creating a trail of records on the bitcoin blockchain.
Inventions, designs, proofs of use can be quickly registered and a blockchain certificate will prove ownership, existence, and integrity of any IP asset.
Using Bernstein companies can secure trade secrets, prepare a strong prior use defense or reliably disclose inventions.
Most notably, all notarized information will remain perfectly private thanks to a unique cryptographic layer. 


Leveraging the world's knowledge with blockchain technology

Knowledge Associates International Ltd, based in Cambridge UK, and Bernstein Technologies GmbH, based in Munich, Germany, have formed a partnership to combine their expertise to uniquely offer individuals, teams and entire organizations better ways to manage their knowledge assets / intellectual property portfolios using blockchain technologies.

Over the years, Knowledge Associates have developed much knowledge and expertise to identify, manage, develop and apply valuable intangible knowledge assets to achieve strategic organizational objectives. Furthermore, with the recent introduction of ISO Global Standards for asset management, quality management and, expected in 2018, a Global ISO knowledge management Standard, effective implementation methods and tools have been embedded in a distributed KNOW-LEDGER Platform, hosted by Google Global Cloud Services. 

Says Ron Young, CEO Knowledge Associates: "We are very excited because, for many years, we have been concerned that the instruments developed from an Industrial Economy mindset, to protect intellectual property, like patents and copyrights etc, have been inadequate for a dynamic, fast to market, distributed, and innovative global Knowledge Economy. Well managed knowledge assets are the currency for future wealth. The knowledge and technologies from Bernstein, uniquely combined with ours, provide the much-needed knowledge protection and management instruments, with immutable audit trails and enforceable measurements".

The enhanced service to manage knowledge assets and intellectual property through the blockchain will be available to interested parties in December/January 2018 to trial and fully launched at the International Conference on Knowledge Asset Management at Kings College, Cambridge, UK on 17/18th April 2018.

Max Planck Digital Library partners with Bernstein to register scientific achievements on the blockchain

Bernstein and the Max Planck Digital Library believe the blockchain and other decentralized technologies will have a strong impact on the way knowledge will be registered and shared in the future to the benefits of science, art, innovation and society.

On this shared belief, the two organizations agreed to run a project that will grant scientists of selected Max Planck institutes access to the Bernstein web application. Participants will be able to register their scientific achievements on the Bitcoin blockchain and complement these blockchain certificates with digital timestamps issued by European Union and Chinese authorities. 

The present collaboration may evolve in multiple directions, including the design and implementation of a defensive publishing service combining blockchain certificates and IPFS decentralized data storage. This unique disclosure service will efficiently establish prior art proving both the time of the disclosure and the location of the now publicly available IP asset.

Bernstein and UniTrust partnership for IP protection in China

China is quickly becoming a global leader in intellectual property protection and enforcement. In 2015 China’s courts accepted 109,386 civil IP cases, +6% over previous year, compared to a total of 14,500 IP-related litigations in the USA. And since 2014, new specialized IP courts have been opened in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. More recently statutory damages for copyright and trademark infringements have been increased five-fold, up to 5 million RMB.

China as the land of copycats is definitely a dead stereotype.

In this rapidly changing scenario, Bernstein is proud to announce a partnership with UniTrust, the only official Chinese timestamping authority. Bernstein users will be able to secure their IP assets with an official Chinese timestamp along with certificates leveraging the most open and decentralized public registry: the Bitcoin blockchain.

Screenshot 2017-10-01 at 11.34.02.png

Bernstein and UniTrust will explore a commercial partnership to bring Bernstein solutions for intellectual property protection to the Chinese market. A Chinese version of Bernstein web application will be developed to serve companies, universities and research institutions.

Bernstein will introduce to China a unique way of creating digital records for IP assets on multiple registration platforms, both decentralized and centralized. Moreover, IP assets will remain perfectly private, never shared with any third party, and conveniently accessible in an encrypted data repository.