Bernstein joins the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium

Bernstein has joined the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium (GLBC), an international group of major law firms, software companies, universities and startups interested in nurturing blockchain applications for the law sector.


The GLBC comprised of approximately 160 industry stakeholders and it focuses on a range of issues, including data integrity, authenticity, security, and privacy for contracts and documents, and productivity improvements in the operation of legal departments and law firms.

Bernstein is looking forward to bring its expertise in the field of blockchain notarization of intellectual property assets and processes. Bernstein certificates may represent the foundational layer for many legal tech solutions in the IP management sector, from securing trade secrets to defensive publishing, from copyright claims to evidence of use for trademarks.

Marco Barulli, Managing Director of Bernstein, commented: “The practice of law is morphing into the delivery of legal services. Technology will not replace legal experts but it will change how, when, and at what price they are involved. In particular, we expect IP practice and IP management services to undergo a radical change. On the other hand, innovative companies are facing new legal challenges and need legal experts as technologically advanced as they are - they expect solutions over advice and time predictability. Initiatives like GLBC may help indeed the evolution of this industry.“