SIPRC is Bernstein exclusive partner for the GCC

Today Bernstein and SIPRC jointly announce an exclusive partnership to bring Bernstein blockchain-based solutions for securing intellectual property to companies and innovators based in the six member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).


SIPRC is a leading Saudi Arabia law firm providing comprehensive services for Intellectual Property and Innovation Management. Based in Riyadh, SIPRC serves clients both in the private and public sector.

Jean-Maxime Riviere, Head of Business Development at Bernstein, commented: “We look forward to working with high-tech companies, scientists, designers, architects and research institutions from the Gulf area. The blockchain represents a new way of creating digital trust in the digital age. We believe legal experts like the SIPRC team are in the best position to recognize the potential of blockchain-based certifications for intellectual property assets and leverage this technology to empower the innovators.”

Mohammed Al Omair, General Manager at SIPRC, added: “Today the confluence of blockchain and zero-knowledge web applications facilitates new business processes, removes the need for intermediaries, reduces transaction costs and is making legal services more accessible, with global reach and validity.”

The legal team at SIPRC will soon start engaging its clients to present Bernstein blockchain certificates as an opportunity to improve operations of IP management processes, from securing trade secrets, to defensive publishing, from generating proof of use for trademarks, to strong copyright claims.